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3 Responses to “Contact Us”

  • Do you have to be a teenager. Me and my friends are Harry Potter fans and have always wanted to be a professional quidditch player. We live in Melbourne and we all are 12.
    Thank you
    Claudia :cool:

  • What if you don’t have Facebook, twitter or tumblr? Can u still be a member of a quidditch team!?
    Claudia :sad:

  • Of course you can, Claudia! A lot of teams use Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr to communicate, but that doesn’t mean you have to have them.

    There are currently no junior teams in Melbourne; why don’t you try to start one yourself? If you can get 14 people together (ask your friends to bring their own friends along) you’ll have enough for two teams, and then maybe you can have a couple of adults Snitch and referee.

    I suggest you go and watch a game being played to get a feel for how it works – the most active team in Melbourne is the Victorian Quidditch Association; you can email [email protected] to find out when their next game is!