Zach Bickhoff

President (Acting)    

Zach was the founding President of  the JCU Galleons Quidditch Club  at James Cook University in Cairns and hasn’t looked back since.
Zach has been heavily active in both the Australian and International Quidditch communities and has quickly become someone who is considered to be an authority on quidditch  across Australia.

When not devoting his life to Quidditch, Zach is studying Business with a goal of specialising in Sports and Events Management.


JC Seedoyal

 Acting Vice President / Treasurer

Jean Claude Seedoyal is the current treasurer of the Australian Quidditch Association having being elected to the Second Council in December 2012. JC has a Masters in Accounting from the University of Wollongong.


419461_391718207511032_427060611_nJames Hosford

Game Play Director

James (more commonly called ‘Hosford’) is the imaginary coach, referee, scorer and reporter for the imaginary first ever professional quidditch match. His conflict of interest is topped only by his passion for sports, shining through  in his penchant for devising amazingly complicated plays for the Newcastle Fireballs, and for incredibly detailed sports journalism. Check out his work on the British and Irish Quidditch League, or see hosfordgames.wordpress.com.

James graduated from a creative writing degree at the University of Newcastle in 2011, and now likes to describe himself as “simultaneously the greatest champ and the stupidest dude”. He also plays the drums and has regular epic drawn-out fencing matches with his younger brother.


Eva Alexandra

Media Director

Eva is based in Perth and currently “rules” the Western Australian Quidditch Association as Vice President alongside Miss QUAFL 2012, James Hyder. She plays as a defensive chaser for the Perth Phoenixes and also indulges in yelling training with the Murdoch Mandrakes. Notorious for getting injured at every quidditch event, it has been said that Eva’s set of brass balls are too big for her 5′ built. Go figure.

By night, Eva teams up with Jenn Meers of Victoria to head the Media and Marketing department and do their best to make management meetings sleazier than they should be. But by day, Eva is an undergraduate studying Economics and History and waits tables at a beach side cafe as a Senior Waitress, to fund all her quidditch expenditure.


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Team representatives

Australian National Nargles - Nicholas Radoll
* Blackburn Basilisks - Scott Cody
Cairns United QC - Matthew Morris
James Cook University Quidditch - Cooper Gabriel
* Macarthur Weasleys – Arfy Papadam
Macquarie Marauders - 
Maria Wizbicki
Melbourne Manticores - Kat Young
Monash Muggles - Manuel Thomson
Murdoch Mandrakes - Eva Piong
* Nerd Flighters – Danielle Thielke
Newcastle Fireballs - Tom Russell
Perth Phoenixes - James Hyder
* Port Macquarie Quidditch - Tully Lockhart
Queensland University of Technology - Sheridan Tanzer
Snapes On A Plane - Chris Rock
* Southern Snidgets - Lloyd Ruz
University of Queensland Death Beaters - Axal Huskisson
University of Sydney Unspeakables - Liv Ronan
University of Technology Sydney Opaleyes - John Ilacqua
University of Western Sydney Thestrals - Hannah Monty
Wollongong Warriors - Aman Nalli
* The Wrackspurts – Jessikah Beaumont

* Teams marked with asterisks are currently unofficial and as such do not have official voting rights.

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