As of August 2012, Australian teams are able to sign up under one membership plan to become members of both the AQA and IQA. Membership offers a range of exciting benefits, many of which were previously unavailable to Australian teams, including national and international rankings, referee training, free registration to the QUAFL Cup, and more. As well as the benefits to your team, you’ll be providing financial support to the AQA and IQA to work towards the growth of quidditch in Australia and around the world.

The AQA currently offers two levels of membership to teams. Basic membership, aimed at teams just starting out or unable to attend many events for any reason, includes benefits such as a team page on the AQA website and voting on AQA and IQA policy, and costs $50/year. Tournament membership includes the full range of benefits, and costs $150/year.

Those teams that were previously signed up with the IQA will be automatically transferred over to basic membership under the new plan; any team wishing to upgrade to tournament membership before their basic membership expires may pay a pro-rata fee. Teams will be able to sign up under the new plan starting from the 11th of August.

For full details of the benefits and requirements of AQA membership, please see our 2012-2013 membership plan:

To sign up, please proceed to our MEMBERSHIP FORM!

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